Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Las Vegas Auto Glass Repair Scams!

The two most common windshield repair scams and how to avoid them.

Windshield repair scams are more common than many people think.

Because so many people don’t know very much about the auto glass repair industry, they trust the information they are given by “experts.” While most auto glass repair shops and repairmen are honest and trustworthy, there are some bad apples out there trying to take advantage of their position as “experts” in the auto glass repair industry.

Often, these swindlers target people who don’t understand the process or procedures of securing a reputable to repair or replace their windshields—like the elderly, teen drivers, and people with a limited grasp of English.

It’s important to stay informed about common windshield repair scams and take steps to avoid them.\

Common Windshield Repair Scam #1

A common scam involves a person approaching you—either in a parking lot or gas station—and telling you that you’re in grave danger because of structural damage to your windshield. He’ll make up laws or facts about windshields, and generally do anything it takes to get you to seriously consider his pitch.

In some cases there’s nothing actually wrong with your windshield; in other cases the windshield may have some damage, but not to the extent claimed. There have even been reported cases where the scam artist has damaged your windshield, just to get the opportunity to repair it. The scammer tells you he will look at it or fix it for free, but then asks for your insurance information anyway—for “reference only”—in order to file a claim without telling you.

Avoid this scam:

To avoid this scam it’s important to remember that someone you meet in a parking lot does not constitute an auto glass repair or replacement professional. And if it’s free, that person should not need your insurance information, for reference or any other purpose.

Remember, you get what you pay for (or don’t pay for).

Common Windshield Repair Scam #2

Another type of windshield repair scam takes place at body shops. As a consumer, you may be there for legitimate body work, and happen to have a chip or small crack in your windshield. The shop technician will tell you that you need to have your windshield replaced because of the damage he has noticed.

It’s important to know that most small cracks and chips can be repaired, and repaired fairly inexpensively. It’s in the financial interest of the dishonest repair shop to get you to pay for a new windshield when you don’t need one.

Avoid this scam:

Simply put off the repair until you have had a chance to do some research on your own. Explore the characteristics of the type of damage you see before committing to a repair. Be an informed consumer. Make sure the auto glass repair place you’re going to is a reputable and legitimate business.

Additional Help

If you want to find a legitimate and highly recommended auto glass repair place in the Las Vegas area, or if you have any questions about auto glass repairs, just call Superior Auto Glass. You’ll receive professional services you can count on. Every time.

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Friday, December 13, 2013

New Year’s Window Tinting Specials

The New Year is a time to reflect and make commitments for improved quality of life. This includes increasing driver comfort and safety.

Window tinting from Superior Center Auto Glass in Las Vegas ranks among the most affordable car upgrades available.

To help make the New Year comfortable and safe for Las Vegas drivers, our auto glass shop is offering gift certificates for discount windshield replacement and window tinting.

Buy the following auto tinting specials for a perfect New Year’s gift: $150.00 for 125.00, 125.00 for 100.00, 100.00 for 75.00 and 50.00 for 25.00.

As a commuter city, Las Vegas drivers spend large amounts of time in their vehicles facing constant sunshine.

Tinted windshields offer protection against skin damaging UV rays and keep cars cooler when parked in the sun. Car upholstery such as dashboards and seating can fade or crack from excessive sun exposure.

Superior Center Auto Glass uses the highest quality window tinting film that is designed to withstand the constant Las Vegas sunshine.

Our high quality window tint material also reduces glare for better visibility and safer driving. With over 40 years of car glass tinting experience, our customer satisfaction policy offers added peace of mind to Las Vegas and Henderson customers.

We take pride in making it convenient to improve the appearance and performance of your vehicle. Our central Las Vegas location features fast auto glass replacements, windshield repairs and window tinting.

This selection and our convenient hours make us a destination for auto glass in Las Vegas.

Wishes for a safe and happy New Year’s from Superior Center Auto Glass!

Please contact us at (702)-706-0716 at for more information.

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Las Vegas Quality Windshield Repair Process

 Windshield repair is an affordable and efficient option for drivers with cracks or rock chips in auto glass. While an attractive alternative, car windshields should be repaired with high quality materials and highly trained technicians to ensure maximum results. Since 1967, Superior Center Auto Glass has offered windshield repair services that restore the strength and safety of Las Vegas windshields.

Our process starts with an accurate diagnosis of whether auto glass replacement or repair is most practical.  If a rock chip repair is feasible, we have the resources to quickly restore a cracked windshield’s structural integrity.

Superior Center Auto Glass uses specialized tools to inject a premium quality resin into damaged windshields. We feature cured resins that are visually matched to the rock chipped area of the passenger windshield.

Aside from masking the car glass damage to be less noticeable, the resin also strengthens the blemished area. This process prevents damage from further spreading through the front or rear windshield.

A safe windshield with improved appearance is the result of our auto glass repair process. These dual benefits combined with fast turnarounds distinguish our windshield repairs among many Las Vegas auto shops.

We can repair most windshield damage in under an hour, which restores peace of mind to motorists from Henderson to Las Vegas.

The convenience and quality of our windshield repairs underlies all of our auto glass services. From new windshield replacement to window tinting and rims; Superior remains a destination in Las Vegas auto glass.

Please contact us at (702) 706-0716 for fast scheduling or an auto glass quote.

Friday, September 13, 2013

Las Vegas tires and rims

Superior Center Auto Glass takes pride in being a destination for Las Vegas tires and rims. The convenience of shopping for whitewall tires or chrome rims while having windshields replaced saves our clients time and money.

While we carry a large inventory of car tires and custom wheels in various styles, there are common considerations that all motorists should make when buying new tires in Las Vegas.

Tire Size

  • The size of car or truck tires affects braking and handling. While larger tires may be an appealing option, the greater mass takes a greater toll on brake systems. Similarly, chrome rims are relatively heavy and can cause changes in handling and performance.
  • Choosing the appropriate tire size impacts tread wear and creates rougher ride quality. Drivers should consult with a tire professional for assurance of the optimal choice.
In ranking among the most experienced wheel and tire professionals in Las Vegas, Superior Center Auto Glass will advise on the best option for your particular vehicle.

Our focus on customer satisfaction gives drivers the peace of mind that their new wheels will look great and improve car performance.

Performance Considerations

  • Upgrades to car wheels and stock rims should also factor in performance. For those wanting to race their car or simply improve acceleration, lighter wheel materials such as alloy may be appropriate versus heavier chrome varieties.
  • A wider set of rims will improve car acceleration and cornering as the wide base positively affects handling.
  • Buying chrome or alloy rims with an equal number of lug nut holes to car hubs ensures the best fitting wheels. 
As the Las Vegas rim shop of choice since 1967, the wheel and tire professionals at Superior Center Auto Glass will advise on the best set of rims for your particular vehicle.

A Las Vegas Destination for Rims, Window Tinting and Auto Glass

From window tinting to windshield repair, we bring over four decades of experience to enhancing the look and function of your car.

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Friday, August 30, 2013

Las Vegas Window Tinting Laws

Auto window tinting in Las Vegas provides multiple cosmetic and practical benefits. From improved appearance to preserving car upholstery from cracking or fading; tinted car windows are an affordable vehicle upgrade.
Motorists must also ensure their windshields and car door windows are tinted in accordance with Nevada state laws. Requirements or restrictions on darkness, reflection and positioning of window tinting must be followed to avoid costly fines.
A reputable auto glass company with a satisfaction guarantee will take the guesswork out of window tinting to enhance your car or truck while complying with Nevada’s tinted window laws.
Some important considerations include:
General Requirements for Tinting Car Windows in Las Vegas, Nevada:
  • Amber and Red Colored Film are prohibited.
  • Window tinting film must be certified by the manufacturer. Drivers should verify with their car glass company that only certified film is used.
Front Windshield Tinting:
Tinting front windshields must use a non-reflective film that does not create potentially dangerous glare for oncoming traffic and in the rear view mirrors of motorists.
Front Passenger Window Tinting:
Tinted car windows of front passenger doors rank among the most cited violations of Nevada window tinting laws. Vehicle Light Transmission (VLT) must allow for 35% of natural light to enter the vehicle from the front passenger windows.
Rear Windshield Tinting:
Nevada law does not restrict rear windshield tinting provided the general requirements listed above are met.
Rear Passenger Tinted Windows:
State law does not restrict tinting rear passenger windows provided the general requirements of film color and certification listed above are met.
A visit to an experienced window tinting dealer with a satisfaction guarantee is a simple means for Las Vegas motorists to enjoy the benefits of tinted windshields and auto glass without any legal pitfalls. 

Friday, July 12, 2013

The Benefits of Window Tinting

Tinting car windows has many benefits that improve the appearance, function, and longevity of your vehicle.

Improved Appearance

Window tinting ranks among the most popular cosmetic enhancements for car owners. A quality auto glass tint can dramatically improve the appearance of older and newer cars alike.

We take pride in using high quality Metal Alloy Sun Tek window film. This quality product protects your car’s window film from unsightly bubbles or peels which plague lower grade window tints. Our 100% lifetime guarantee gives our customers added peace of mind.

Enhanced Visibility

Tinting car glass can increase driver visibility and comfort, which contributes to overall safety. The bright sunshine of Las Vegas can wreak havoc with bright glare that obstructs views of the road ahead. A front windshield tint from Superior Center Auto Glass maximizes visibility by reflecting 99% of potentially harmful UV rays. In addition to improving road vision, reducing UV rays also protects drivers against sun related skin diseases and premature aging.

Tinting windshields and car windows also improves the energy efficiency of a vehicle. With lower interior temperatures, drivers may have to rely less on their car’s air conditioner. Since air conditioners lower gas mileage along with overburdening radiators, Las Vegas window tinting at Superior Auto
Glass is an investment in cost savings and the longevity of your car.

Preserving Car Interiors and Upholstery

With over 300 sunny days per year, Las Vegas weather can take a heavy toll on the leather upholstery and fabric of your car interior. Discolored seats and faded dashboards can be costly to refurbish, while reducing the pride of car ownership.

Car window and auto glass tinting preserves your automotive interior from harmful sun exposure. Much like the premature aging that sun inflicts upon skin, your car’s leather, vinyl, and fabric surfaces will maintain their original appeal for longer with window tinting from Superior Auto Glass.

A Destination for Window Tinting, Car Rims, and Auto Glass

Superior Center Auto Glass is also proud to offer an array of services which keeps cars looking great and improve driver safety.

Our wide selection of rims improves handling and gives cars a custom appearance.
As a leader in Las Vegas auto glass replacement and repair, we keep families safe with our guaranteed installations or repairs.

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Friday, June 28, 2013

The Dangers of a Cracked Windshield

A cracked windshield poses safety hazards that must not be overlooked. Aside from the cosmetic effects of chipped windshields, delays to replacing or repairing auto glass threaten the safety of a vehicle’s passengers.

Windshields are designed to offer visibility while protecting your car’s occupants from road debris. Many drivers unknowingly risk their safety in tolerating what appears to be a negligible rock chip in their front windshield.

Even the smallest rock chips can reduce the structural integrity of auto glass. This greatly increases the risk of typically harmless road particles shattering a weakened windshield.

The rampant construction projects in Las Vegas add to the threat of nails, gravel, and stones entering the passenger area. No amount of care can safeguard against shattering a cracked windshield while navigating the many road closings and speed bumps of the Las Vegas area.

Since 1967, Superior Auto Glass has been a leader in Las Vegas windshield repair and replacement. We understand the importance of convenience, quality, and customer service.

Our experienced auto glass technicians take the guesswork out of whether windshield repair or replacement is most suitable.

With a customer satisfaction guarantee, clients gain peace of mind in knowing the price and workmanship of their automobile glass is guaranteed.

Our centrally located auto glass shop offers weekend hours to make it convenient and affordable to replace windshields, tint windows, or buy performance rims on your schedule.

Click for a competitive auto glass quote, or please contact us at 702-706-0716.